Our Mission

To Instill The Cultural Identity Of Our Youth Through Heritage Education, Leadership Skills, And Community Service.

Our curriculum is designed to instill a deep understanding and appreciation for the richness of Islamic Faith, Arabic Language and cultural diversity. Our youth discuss and analyze historical events & beliefs that facilitate a level of understanding and collaboration to a more peaceful world. It’s very important for Youths identity to appreciate their faith and understand where they came from and how they belong to the United States as a valued American Muslim. By strengthening ones Faith, you enrich the dynamic of human life. Valuing each unique ethnic culture & Preserving their international languages contributes to the diversity of this nation. At IAM Youth we celebrate their diversity and Global heritage and give them reasons to be a proud American Muslim.

Heritage Education

Leadership Skills

IAM Youth have created a cutting-edge curriculum that incorporated research-based leadership models to equip the students with life skills they need for the challenging world we live in. Each quarter our curriculum is inspired by a theme and a leadership skill. We connect the leadership skills with Islamic history and historic role models characters to be able to better apply the knowledge they are learning in real life. We use proven leadership models some of the models we use are: The Leadership Challenge Model, the 7C’s of Leadership, The Change Model of Leadership, The Inspire Model of Leadership, and many more! We are proud to have recently partnered with the University of Tampa Student fellowship leadership program that have designed a leadership activity handbook for IAM Youth students to apply in our weekly meetups. This great addition to our program have provided our youth with the hands-on experience they need to become the best leaders they can be.


Volunteering provides a healthy boost to our youth self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. Our students learn that by doing good for others and the community, they would feel a natural sense of accomplishment, pride and identity. Therefore, we provide our students with monthly opportunities to get involved in community service projects and activities such as feeding the underprivileged, road clean-up, assisting the elderly, Food drives, and other important, hands-on service. This not only brings a blessing to our community, but reinforces the importance of generosity and service in our faith and culture. Our teen makes great connections with community members while volunteering and create memories with new friends. IAM Youth motivates their students to give back in a significant way to their local community and become positive role models for Youth.


What makes us UNIQUE ?

  • High Quality application.
  • Teen counselling workshop.
  • Relevant, Current and authentic Material.
  • Personalised attention to boys needs.
  • Ownership of Group name and Logo design.
  • Intentional Lessons with a Leadership purpose.
  • Registration and Commitment Required.
  • Low Student to Leader Ratio :
    • Upper Elementary         10:1
    • Middle Schooler              15:1

Who We SERVE ?

Who :                                             Boys: 9 - 14 yrs
Grades:                                         3rd - 8th
                                                           9th - 12th (Coming Soon)

When:                                             Sunday : 12:00 - 2:30
Where:                                            New Tampa

Calendar:                                       Quarterly based Registration
                                                              1st Quarter : Sep - Dec
                                                              2nd Quarter: Jan - March
                                                              3rd Quarter: April - June

Monthly :                                          Field trips and Workshops

New Covid 19 Safety Measures.

Mandatory Masks
10 Students per group
Safe Social Distancing
Frequent Hand Washing
Outdoor Classes when possible
Temperature measure upon arrival
Zero Tolerance to Sneezing and Coughing