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IAM Youth Group

Our Mission
To Instill The Cultural Identity Of Our Youth Through Heritage Education, Leadership Skills, And Community Service

Heritage Knowledge

Empowering youth identity through their knowledge of one’s heritage, history, language and faith.

Leadership Skills

Strengthening youth character through through research-based leadership activities proven to build leadership skills.

Community Service

Buidling empathy through global, local awareness and hands-on community service.

Our Goals

Preserving Our

Instilling a deep understanding and appreciation for the richness of one’s history and cultural diversity. Facilitating a level of understanding and collaboration to a more peaceful world.

Preserving Our Language

Preserving our Arabic heritage language means preserving our cultural tradition, ancestor’s wisdom & faith. International Languages are the core of a multilingual American future.

Preserving Our

Strengthening our youth Islamic faith help form a strong positive identity, generates their sense of meaning, fosters diversity of thought and freedom of belief in America.

Our Dream

To build a multi-purpose recreational center offering emotional, physical and educational opportunities to serve our youth of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds so they can Lead, Inspire and Change…


What Parents are saying About Us ?

"My son enjoys every moment he spends with his friends at IAM Youth Group. He likes the fact they explore different topics of life using Islam as the foundation. Going to IAM Youth Group has made my son a lot more mature and I can see how he is turning into this confident and caring young adult. Thank you IAM Youth Group for shaping our kids to becoming future leaders while keeping our Islamic values."

"I love the curriculum and the real world examples they use to tie in Islam to everyday life. The boys love getting a chance to connect with their peers in a safe & loving environment. It’s a great opportunity for boys to learn leadership skills all the while knowing that their religion tells them to be good citizens & to be positive contributors to humanity."

"I AM Youth Group is a wonderful organization for the youth , teaches them leadership skills and socialization, founded by a great leader. I am proud that my son is a part of this wonderful organization from its start ,lots of fun activities, field trips, and work shops.I really recommend it !"

"My children attend the IAM Youth Group, they really enjoy being part of the group, they learn Islamic studies and leadership skills. We are very happy with the outcome. I would recommend it for all children in our community."

"My son really enjoys being part of IAM Youth Group! Great opportunity for socializing and learning in a wonderful environment! Lots of fun events, motivating workshops, and volunteers opportunities. I totally recommend it!"

"I have three boys who are a part of IAM Youth Group and I can’t recommend it enough! It is an outstanding program with an engaging curriculum that is taught by a team of inspiring youth leaders who have helped instill a genuine love for Islam in my children. Through community service, the leadership programs and field trips IAM Youth Group offers, I’ve seen my kids grow and become more confident in their American Muslim identity. Plus, it’s just so fun! My kids look forward to going every week!!"

"My kids love going to IAM Youth group each week 🤩it's s lifetime experience for them to learn, explore, socialize and lots of fun activities!especially chess club 👍Nour share the vision of each week which has the perfect information for kids to discuss! 👏 Totally recommend it! ❤"

"My son loves being part of this awesome group, IAM YOUTH GROUP has been a great resource of information, inspiration, and life experiences. I can see the results of the leadership program on my son’s behavior and school grades!!! Thank you for a such a wonderful group, can’t wait for many more productive years to come!!!"

How you can help us ?

Help Us Make Our Youth Dream A Reality​..


Mailing Address: 10006 Cross Creek Blvd Suite #111 , Tampa -Fl. 33647

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